Oh, hello, nice to meet you!

My name is Zach Mueller and I'm a web developer

About me

I am an aspiring full stack developer from Texas, currently living in San Antonio.

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When I'm in between projects, or taking a break, I'm usually playing video games with friends, blogging, or finding a new DIY project to inspire me.



This is where I blog everything in my personal life, click the icon to check it out.


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Personal Projects

One of my first projects out of school was to create a simple blog. It has evolved since then, and is always something I come back to with more tweaks and ideas, but it's where I do my blogging from.

I mainly blog to keep track of the awesome things I do, or the interesting things I learn from. It also is always nice to see everything that's happened to me in the past year, because some things just get lost in memories.

Another project I've undergone recently is a web application for League of Legends. It's original concept was to track your stats and show you how to improve. While a simple idea, it quickly turned into a full fledged project which I am enjoying thoroughly.

Although I can't promise it will be up, I usually stage temporary projects at zaedonn.win. I tend to forget about it from time to time, but if there is something there, there is most likely a github repo to go with it which you can find by going here


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